Extroverted Introvert

You are the most “chill” lover the world has ever come across, your words laced with confidence and inklings of indifference as you speak about your cruel intentions with such a grace that would make the most graceful person blush.

I know you want to talk to him about how, if you could, you would never let him leave from the warmth of your arms, how you want to hold him close and read poetry out to him, each word unraveling a story your lips have hushed in moments of inhibitions, I know you want to tell him that he is the only bible your infidel heart accepts however you’re too much of a vagabond, for “homes” have always terrified you. Permanence terrifies you. I know you want to tell him that the only reason you attend to his texts instantly is because his contact is the only one with customized notifications enabled. I know you want to tell him that even though you believe in being selfish, his needs are the only ones you would ever place above yours.

But you? Nah. You’re the “chill” girl.

So you wrap your words in presents and address them to the void in your stomach every time you speak to him using hollow words and causal promises.
You were not made for this anyway.


Will you?

Today, I want to declare my intense feelings towards you. No matter what the world has to say. I just wanna let you know that what you means to me. I feel, you are the musical instrument, I am your rhythm. You are the medicine, I am the disease. You are the song, I may be, the words. You are an ever granted wish, I considered to be a duty. You are free, I am a loan. You are peace, I am the problem. You are the hearty one, I am selfish. You are a dream, I am the meaning of it. In this heavy crowd of earth, I found you. You, the beloved one. You are my rain, my mornings, my desire to keep on living rather just to be alive.

Its just your favor sweetheart, that my present is against darkness. Its your favor that without knowing I have improved. When I met you I found everything. Your happiness is my only destiny. Its your boat that is my shore. With all my love in this tiny red pumping organ inside me, I behold my feelings in front of you. Baby, I please you to be my princess, I please you to be mine. Will you??????

Happy You, Happy Me, Happy Blogging….!!!


Dear GOD,

I know, i have been taught never to quit. But today, I stand in front of you with all my hopes lost. I cannot sum up my courage to move on any further. And so , today , your worshiper, the one who trusted in you blindly, the one who always believed in your presence, is kneeling by the door of your very own grand palace, ready to admit that she cannot carry on any more. With all my last mighty within myself left to make any decision, I DECIDE TO QUIT. I quit from my dreams. I quit from my happiness. I quit from my peace. I quit from my desire. I quit from the faith on myself of someday being a respectable person in the society. Yes, I QUIT.

I never ever believed that i will come to an end of my glorious life so early. I always fought back till the end and some how came to a conclusion. No matter what the conclusion was, but I never quit. I somehow tried to pull the situation in my favor or else I myself adjusted in the same.  I would like to quote one dialogue ,

roti ke bina hum chaar hafte jee sakte hain, pani ke bina chaar din aur shayad hawa ke bina chaar minute lekin umeed ke bina hum chaar pal bhi nahi jee sakte.