Is This The End?

Is this really the end? I didn’t  know the world yet. Excuse me, do I know myself first? The answer is ” no”.

I still remember the day. Six months before, the doctors of my city stated that they have found the reason of my blood puke, unconsciousness, sickness and weakness . It was blood cancer. It was my father who collected this heartbreaking news from the doctor. He held out that deadly note to my mother which read that there are only six to seven months left for my survival. She had tears in her eyes. They were not for her, but for me. She cried that God has not granted me the life of a merry one. By the side of her stood my father. His silence was beyond the fear of death, for me. He didn’t cried, he didn’t reacted…. neither did he spoke anything. Because he was busy begging for my happiness from the one whom he had worshiped the  whole of his life. But nothing worked.

The time has came. The time for stop dreaming. The time for stop having ambition. The time to stop feeling. And the time for me to stop breathing.

In the last six months of my life, I tried to live ignoring the negatives of  my life. I told my family that nothing could be a better gift from God than to be a part of this family. I thanked all my friends for letting me know the meaning of friendship. I hugged the most important person in my life, my brother, and said that I am always proud of being his lovely sister. I bid a thankful goodbye to everyone I know, except him.

I couldn’t muster up the courage to say goodbye to the love of my life. Though I hadn’t told him yet that I loved him since the day I knew what love is. We remained friends in his eyes and so to everyone. And now, this very little secret of my love life will be carried to my grave along with me. I will be dead without being loved by the person I loved the most. And this is my only regret.

Happy You, Happy Me, Happy Blogging…!!!


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