Will you?

Today, I want to declare my intense feelings towards you. No matter what the world has to say. I just wanna let you know that what you means to me. I feel, you are the musical instrument, I am your rhythm. You are the medicine, I am the disease. You are the song, I may be, the words. You are an ever granted wish, I considered to be a duty. You are free, I am a loan. You are peace, I am the problem. You are the hearty one, I am selfish. You are a dream, I am the meaning of it. In this heavy crowd of earth, I found you. You, the beloved one. You are my rain, my mornings, my desire to keep on living rather just to be alive.

Its just your favor sweetheart, that my present is against darkness. Its your favor that without knowing I have improved. When I met you I found everything. Your happiness is my only destiny. Its your boat that is my shore. With all my love in this tiny red pumping organ inside me, I behold my feelings in front of you. Baby, I please you to be my princess, I please you to be mine. Will you??????

Happy You, Happy Me, Happy Blogging….!!!


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